Samba for developers

Samba is built for apps, meaning our full stack of tools is customised to help you monetise in a way that complements your existing UX and puts your users first. We offer full stack of developer benefits including the following: 

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A unique, user-first   video format that both users and brands love



A rich console tracks revenue, usage and more


Mediation Layer


Programmatic buying gets brands competing for your audience


Leading Yields


Market leading revenues are driven by our unique UX

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What our partner apps say about us:

Samba has consistently delivered great brand video, user friendly formats, and strong yields to TextMe and is an important partner
— Julien Decot, co-Founder, TextMe

Samba Selector UX in app TextMe

Kik works closely with Samba to create unique, user-friendly ad solutions
— Josh Jacobs, President, Services, Kik
Samba get the world’s best brands into UppTalk in a way our users love
— Jochen Doppelhammer, Founder, Upptalk

Pioneering apps use Samba's monetisation software