Smart mobile ads for

messaging apps


In messaging app video advertising with amazing performance stats


95% video completion rates

MOAT brand safety score of 82

User first formats which respect people's attention

500m+ global in app reach

Samba for developers

Samba is built for apps, meaning our full stack of tools is customised to help you monetise in a way that complements your existing UX and puts your users first. We offer full stack of developer benefits including the following: 

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A unique, user-first   video format that both users and brands love



A rich console tracks revenue, usage and more


Mediation Layer


Programmatic buying gets brands competing for your audience


Leading Yields


Market leading revenues are driven by our unique UX

What our partner apps say about us:

Samba has consistently delivered great brand video, user friendly formats, and strong yields to TextMe and is an important partner
— Julien Decot, co-Founder, TextMe

Samba Selector UX in app TextMe

Kik works closely with Samba to create unique, user-friendly ad solutions
— Josh Jacobs, President, Services, Kik
Samba get the world’s best brands into UppTalk in a way our users love
— Jochen Doppelhammer, Founder, Upptalk

Pioneering messaging apps use Samba's monetisation software


Samba for Brands

Attention is the #1 currency in advertising

   Samba's in app video selector product UX: User engages in app, user selects video, 100% viewable play

   Samba's in app video selector product UX:

User engages in app, user selects video, 100% viewable play


Samba develops advertising experiences which attract and maintain attention – We know and understand our audience and reach them in a non-intrusive and respectful way.

This user focused approach delivers market leading engagement results (as measured by MOAT)

Click thru rates of 6-10%

Dwell times of 25"+ for 30" video

Purchase intent lift up to 800%


Brand Safety


Samba takes brand safety seriously. All ads on Samba are 100% viewable, 100% on page and user-initiated in app. Users are double-factor verified with Samba's internal fraud management tools which include IP and frequency capping. On top of this, Samba is verified by MOAT and achieves 'best in class' scores.

Samba Networks MOAT score of 82 significantly exceeds MOAT averages across mobile.



Delivering outstanding results for buyers

We chose Samba for our summer 2016 O2 campaign and they delivered hard to find youth audiences with a unique and highly engaging in app experience
— Ben Smart, Activation Director, Havas Media
We used Samba and Kik as a medium to raise awareness and drive interaction with a younger target audience. The numbers using Samba and Kik went above and beyond what we expected
— Ashley Deverall, Marketing Manager, K Swiss

Samba enables programmatic

Buy elusive mobile video audiences via your preferred platforms, segment via first party data, and achieve amazing results. 100% viewable by design with market-leading view through rates and engagement.

Samba consistently provides amazing results for clients like 02, Diageo, blowing other media out of the water
— Joe West, AOL
Samba delivers best in class view-thru rates, CTRs and viewability on bespoke targeted audiences for Tube Mogul across their network of in demand messaging apps
— Graeme Lynch, Director Business Development EMEA, Tube Mogul

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